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Home Design + Styling

Interior Styling.

(Due to an increase in commercial design and garden projects ... I am currently only taking a few residential projects every few months. If you are interested in arranging a home consult to see if we are a good match, please call 717-327-7285 to discuss your project needs with me.) 

My philosophy of interior spaces is most easily expressed by a few simple words from William Morris: 

"Have nothing in your home that you do not know to be useful or find to be beautiful." 

I am guided by a deep regard for simplicity, character in objects and personal expression of identity through the spaces we choose to create for ourselves. How that unfolds for your personal style will be completely unique to you. My role is to facilitate that unfolding until the space that surrounds you makes your heart sing. That space will be created from your tastes, YOUR colour palette (obviously mine is very neutral, but I am not limited to that and I love colour too,), your interests and your favourite things. 

Whether you need a simple room refresher, or a complete start-from-scratch design for one room or a whole house ... let’s get to know each other! Please fill out the questionnaire below so that I can get to know about about your tastes and style. 

Questionnaire and Pre-visit Phone Consultation ~ Free

Hourly Rate ~ $125 with a two hour minimum. (Third hour free if we need it For any reason.) 

A free hour of styling is offered to any client who refers me to a NEW client. (Yeay and thank you!!) 

{If you are more than a half hour away from me, there may be a fuel charge added unless I can incorporate my visit to your home with other work adventures nearby ... such as hunting for lovely old goods for my shop. You're always welcome to join me on such excursions as a fun part of getting inspired for the work we'll be doing in your rooms.}

Please contact me by phone, email or Facebook message if you have any questions at all!

hillary o'carroll | 717.327.7285 | isabellasparrow@yahoo.com | www.facebook.com/isabellasparrow

Client Questionnaire 

{please cut and paste this questionannaire into an email or Facebook message}

Name ~ 

Where you live ~ 

Which room of your home are you wanting to refresh? 

How do you use the room ... or want to use the room? 

How do you want the room to FEEL? 

If you had to define your style ... it could be called ~ 

Has your style changed significantly in the past three years? 

A few of your favourite objects, furniture pieces or most treasured finds ~ 

Favourite colour palette ~ 

Favourite home decor store or source for home accessories ~ 

Please place the following priorities in order of importance.

Leave out any that don't apply to you at all: 

Creating something new and fresh out of a space that has become stale | Organizing | Removing clutter | Making better display of objects you love | Finding more function for a room that isn't currently useful | Changing from an old style to a more updated one ... or to one that is more "you".


{Please know that if you'd feel more comfortable talking about these questions over the phone rather than anwering them in writing ... that's perfectly fine. I'm interested in working with you in the ways that feel most natural and enjoyable to you.}