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Comprehensive Commercial Design Services.  

{ complete design packages or à la cart services for new or existing businesses: interior & exterior concept design. branding consultation. re-branding. logo design. sourcing and choosing of design elements, fixtures, furniture, wall elements and decor. design of custom fixtures and features. interior staging. event design. social media & website design. ::: we can also provide a full array of experienced tradespeople for renovation work on-site including deconstruction, painting, masonry, tile, flooring, art, signage, mural painting, landscape installation, etc. } 

... Commerical Projects from 2013 to the Present  ...

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My first restaurant design project in 2013 gave me both a ground to build up from and the beginning of a very dear friendship that continues to deepen with each new location we take on. From the challenge of conceptualizing a unique interior to house a new pizza venue for fast-casual veterans who had been in the business for 20 years ...  to the completion of eight locations with them since, SNAP continues to teach and enrich my understanding of successful restaurant design. I was so lucky to get my restaurant start with such wonderfully good people.

Congratulations to SNAP for winning BEST OF PHILLY 2017!! 



2013 to present | new locations coming soon!

{ Ardmore  *  Exton  *  Center City  *  Bryn Mawr  *  Newark, DE  *  Conshocken  *  City Avenue  *  Jenkintown  *  State College  }

work included: original aesthetic design for concept. logo design. sourcing of all interior materials, lighting, fixtures, furniture and wall elements. menu, website and social media design. exterior design consultation, planning and planting of exterior potted planters at all locations. 

FRONT STREET CAFE | in the Fishtown Neighborhood of Philadelphia

{ 2015 in collaboration with owner and Fishtown innovator Lee Larkin }

Front Street Cafe was such an incredible project to be a part of because it involved an entire building in Fishtown. We had two floors to work with indoors, plus a large outdoor dining area to accomodate this hybrid concept of cafe, restaurant, bar, lounge and beergarden, all flowing one into the other very seamlessly. Plus the developer already had a stash of wonderful salvaged pieces he had been collecting over the years and a solid sense of the aesthetic he was hoping to manifest. 

I love the glass pendants we chose and how they work against the backdrop of the old original brick. And I love the large open pass-thru we made for visitors moving from the bar side to the cafe ... while also having a smaller pass-thru behind the bar for staff.  The two openings create such a spacious feeling in the center of a very dense and solid old building. 

Upstairs in the library/lounge, we went with a softer, more den-like arrangement,  sourcng vintage velvet couches in green and blue and making use of the fireplace as a focal point. The original nook in the corner was perfect for tufted leather booth seating. Daytime patrons having coffee or lunch can use the space as a comfortable work environment, while nightime guests of the bar can have a space to gather that feels more intimate than the exciting pub vibe downstairs. 

In good weather, the outside dining space at Front Street Cafe is the place to be.  Mr. Larkin takes almost all of the credit for the exterior design here, as he had most of it worked out in his mind before we even met. And it's so fabulous! Under the roof at the far end is an awesome outdoor bar we had made out of salvaged doors, surrounded by walls that are made of made of old doors too and wonderful salvaged tile. My go-to table craftsman, who is a dear old friend of mine, provided the table tops for this outside dining area, as well as those for indoors. He’s a master! 

Congrats to FSC for being included in the 2018 list of the best of the best

that our delicious Philly has to offer!! 

work included: aesthetic consultation. exterior and interior colour palette. sourcing of lighting, fixtures, vintage elements, wall elements and art, furniture, counter displays, textiles for upholstery.

All FSC photos from the Front Street Cafe website, which you can find here:

Or visit in person to enjoy a truly delicious menu in one of Philly's most thriving inner villages.

Farmhouse Coffee & Espresso Bar on Lancaster Ave. in Downingtown, PA

I love imagining a space from the stage of raw bones to its final completion. 

For this lovely project, I had the pleasure of working with Dana Petrizzio, who had acquired two fabulous buildings in Downingtown and knew just what she wanted to do with them. She already had the ship lap picked out for the walls and a truly EPIC red coffee machine on its way. The rest was about collaborating to create the perfect coffee shop, bakery and co-working venue she had in mind to provide for Downingtown. The first time Dana handed me a gorgeous coffee from that mighty red machine, I was 100% certain she would suceed.  (And then the scones!) 

Since we already had the red of that coffee maker to begin with ... it was easy to choose a very particular vintage green (often found on early primitive painted pieces and on vintage enamelware) as the perfect partner for the main colour palette of the space. Dana loved enamelware anyway, so we were off to the races, finding old farm elements and vintage bakery and coffee objects to decorate the bright white walls. 

We used aqua mason jars everywhere to compliment the green of the enamelware and the Swedish red. 

I’ve been meaning to get back to Downingtown for more than a YEAR (!) to take wide angle shots of the whole project ... but in the meantime, I love keeping up with their Instagram account  ... especially when all the inside and outside spaces are dressed up for the holidays. The colour palette we chose using such a dominant red is the most perfect backdrop for touches of holiday decor ... and Dana does a truly fabulous job with it! 

{ these last four images are from @farmhousecoffee |  Check them out there or on Facebook }

work included: initial aesthetic consultation. colour palette. sourcing of vintage decor elements,  sourcing of furniture, tables, counter/bakery displays and wall elements. final staging. 

Recent Projects: M2O in Queen Village

(Completed in March 2018 ... and a second location is now in the works

and coming to Wynnewood in March 2019!) 

M2O is a delicious fast-casual concept eatery in the Philly neighborhood of Queen Village, dreamed up by three dear-hearted brothers from Kosovo, who had a very bright idea.  I am so lucky that I got to help them bring their concept of a "fish & chips of America" spot into form  ...

which is, of course, a place to get a perfect (made-to-order) burger & fries. 

To honour Philadelphia as the city they have come to love so earnestly ... we used reproductions of the oldest Philly maps we could find as wall decor ... and they even let me write poignant quotes from the founding fathers on the walls! We also contracted a talented local artist to do a mural of the Philly skyline on the back wall. 

The grey and white stripes on the banguette seating and the exterior awnings are a nod to the fish & chips places I remember seeing so often in the U.K, when I was a child. The clean, open dining space is a logical match for the fresh, local ingredients used in all their menu items.

And their burgers are so FANTASTIC!

top-to-bottom complete design: original aesthetic design for concept.  logo design. colour palette. choosing and sourcing of all interior elements, including lighting, fixtures, furniture, serviceware, menu design, wall elements. exterior design including all plantings and signage.


Recent Projects : Porch & Proper  |  Collingswood, N.J. 

{ I loved working on this project so much! Many more pics and all the details to come

in February, when it’s quiet and snowy }  

 top-to-bottom design: original aesthetic design for concept.  logo design. colour palette. sourcing and choice of all interior elements including lighting, fixtures, furniture, tables, chairs, wall elements, service wear (plates, glass etc.) interior plantings.  complete exterior design, including colour palette, porch garden creation and planting, sourcing of all pots, planters, exterior tables, chairs, lighting and signage. 

Congrats and love to the Porch & Proper team for all their hard work and their absolutely INCREDIBLE menu from the talented Chef Ryan McQuillan. You’ve earned all the praise and accolades you’ve received from all the many Philly people who deeply know food and fine dining ... 

Jason Sheehan of Philadelphia Magazine even gave P&P a fabulous 3 stars

in their first six months open!! 

Recent Projects: Boutique Nail Salon at South & 6th Streets

{ More pics and info. to come }

{ top to bottom design: original aesthetic design for concept.  logo design.  colour palette.  sourcing of all interior elements including lighting, fixtures, furniture, counters, seating and wall elements. exterior design including sourcing of all pots and planters and planting of them, as well as exterior signage and window design. }